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The Urbana SoftwareTM

PerTest ® Administration


The darkblue Administration application allows administrators to easily manage the PerTest® Enterprise Suite including: managing users,profiles, privileges, groups, reports, event notification, logging, and engine configuration settings.

PerTest® Administration also includes XML configuration loaders, making it easy to move configuration data from one PerTest® system to another to replicate an existing system or promote to production (e.g. moving configuration data from development, to QA, to production).

User Management

A powerful user, group, profile, and privilege system allows administrators to easily assign privileges to students (e.g. which assessments they are allowed to take and when), curriculum owners (e.g. which reports can be run), and other administrators (e.g. which parts of the system administrators have access to).

PerTest® plugin modules also allow customers to easily integrate the PerTest® Engine with their existing user base and authentication software (alleviating the need to maintain duplicate account information in various systems) and can be configured through PerTest® Administration.


Click to enlargePerTest® Administration includes a robust reporting system leveraging XML and XSL to provide reports in a variety of views and formats. In addition to including standard reports, larger customers can integrate PerTest® reporting with their existing reporting software, or use PerTest® reporting to develop their own custom reports and report views.

Included among the standard reports are Test Histories, Test Statistics, Aggregate Diagnostics, Test Diagnostic (e.g. subject matter) Coverage, etc...

Event Notification

The event notification subsystem offers the following features:

  • Email Notifications: can be sent when certain milestones are achieved (e.g. congratulatory email to parents or students).
  • Extrinsic Motivation: to provide students or employees with rewards upon completion of a test or upon achieving a certain score.
  • System Alerts: to email or page administrators of the PerTest® system if an error occurs.
  • Monitoring Integration: to send messages from PerTest® to a systems monitoring or statistics collection system whenever certain events (e.g. a test was taken).

Urbana Software's Software Services Practice

Urbana Software specializes in web applications and development using open source tools and operating systems for educational and web-based medical data systems.

Urbana Software is currently focused on developing web-based systems using open sourced tools such as Java Server Faces, Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

Urbana Software solutions are efficient and enterprise class.

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