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Urbana SoftwareTM
470 Castro St.
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA

p: 415.934.8378
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Advisory Board

We have a strong advisory board made up of industry and academic experts:

Karen Tallackson Bacon

Responsible for KPMG's brand and creative strategy, corporate communications, and advertising.

Lance Izumi

Director of the Center for School Reform and a Senior Fellow in California Studies at the Pacific Research Institute. He is a leading expert in education policy and an author of several PRI studies including "Facing the Classroom Challenge, Teacher Quality and Training." He is also a Commissioner for Post-Secondary Education in California.

Dr. Gary Gruber

Recognized nationally as the leading expert on standardized tests and has published over 30 books on test taking and critical thinking methods. He has been recognized nationally as the "best at assessing how a person answers questions and providing the mechanisms to improve faulty thinking approaches".

Marc Leibowitz

Co-founder of KnowledgeFirst, Inc. a provider of software based solutions for the education finance industry.

Stephen Chen

Co-founder of, where he was also Vice-President for Business Development.

Susan Furnell

Former director of the U.S. Infocom practice of Roland Berger, a large German based consulting company. Previously, she worked with KPMG in various positions.

Urbana Software's Software Services Practice

Urbana Software specializes in web applications and development using open source tools and operating systems for educational and web-based medical data systems.

Urbana Software is currently focused on developing web-based systems using open sourced tools such as Java Server Faces, Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

Urbana Software solutions are efficient and enterprise class.

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