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The Urbana SoftwareTM

PerTest® Author

The PerTest® Author enables the customer to construct tests and assessments that make effective use of the PerTest® personalized diagnostic and remediation capabilities (including mapping to State or corporate standards).

PerTest® Author also includes XML export functionality, making it easy to move tests and assessments from one PerTest® system to another to replicate an existing system or promote to production (e.g. moving assessments from development, to QA, to production).

Test and Assessment Authoring

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The PerTest® Author allows for easy creation of a test or assessment and supports the following features:
  • Multiple item types: Multiple choice, Quantitative comparison, Grid-in, User constructed response, etc...
  • Assigning subject matter, difficulty level, strategies, and distractors to items and response alternatives
  • Assigning hints and solution explanations to items
  • Timed or untimed tests and assessments
  • Item attributes to allow customers to assign their own attributes to items (e.g. cognitive complexity) working in conjunction with diagnostic analysis plugins
  • Score Types to determine how an item is to be scored working in conjunction with scoring plugins
  • Mapping tests, items, and sections to State or corporate standards
  • Versioning of tests to keep accurate historical data for reporting while allowing changes to existing released tests
  • Deprecating and creating derivatives of tests
  • Exporting tests to XML to move between PerTest® systems

Item and Response Alternative Editing

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Items and response alternatives can be easily created or edited using the Item and Response Alternative Editor which includes:
  • Buttons and menus to include images, equations, mathematical symbols, text formatting, etc...
  • Supports XHTML for more complex layout and item stem presentation
  • Exact text layout where line numbering is relevant (e.g. reading passages)
  • Inclusion of external multimedia resources (e.g. video or sound)
  • Inline or popup shared item resources (e.g. multiple items referring to the same diagram)

Item Bank Technology

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Quickly create assessments by selecting items from an already existing item bank. Using the PerTest® Author you can search the item bank by:
  • Subject matter
  • Concepts tested by an item
  • State or corporate standards
  • Strategies required to answer an item
  • Distractors included in an item
  • Difficulty level
  • Item Attributes
  • Stem content
  • Date of creation

Urbana Software's Software Services Practice

Urbana Software specializes in web applications and development using open source tools and operating systems for educational and web-based medical data systems.

Urbana Software is currently focused on developing web-based systems using open sourced tools such as Java Server Faces, Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

Urbana Software solutions are efficient and enterprise class.

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