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Urbana SoftwareTM
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Urbana SoftwareTM

Software that serves the community

Urbana Software's Software Services Practice

Urbana Software specializes in web applications and development using open source tools and operating systems for educational and web-based medical data systems. Open source applications have proven to be effective in providing reliable, scalable and secure solutions along with reduced cost of ownership.

Open source software is used today in virtually every segment of the technology market, including embedded systems, PDA's, laptops, workstations, mainframe computers, and set top boxes. Urbana Software solutions are efficient, enterprise class and price effective.

Urbana Software is currently focused on developing web-based systems using open sourced tools such as Java Server Faces, Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Tomcat, JBoss, PostgreSQL, MySQL,uPortal, etc.

Current and past Projects include:

The PerTest® Enterprise Suite

The PerTest® Enterprise Suite transforms standardized testing into a personalized assessment and learning experience that provides the examinee with diagnostic and remedial learning paths. PerTest® is designed from the ground up on open standards allowing it to be extended and integrated meeting customers' specific needs while preserving and leveraging existing IT investments. PerTest® is a scalable and portable platform able to meet both small company and large enterprise needs.

PerTest® supports the following standards: AICC, SCORM, EJB 2.0, J2EE, JMS, XML, SOAP, HTTPS, JMX, Java WebStart, and DocBook.

The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) development and enhancement of the CEEDS Platform™ using uPortal.

The CEEDS Platform™ is a school Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform providing automation, data integration and knowledge management capabilities specifically for the K-12 educational market. ACOE has chosen uPortal to serve the enterprise portal role in the CEEDS ERP platform.

Urbana Software is assisting the customization of the CEEDS ERP portal and establishing the uPortal development environment.

The National Newborn Screening and Genetics Research Center

National Newborn Screening Information System ( NNSIS ): NNSIS is a secure, web-based data collection and reporting system for capturing newborn screening information for all U.S. states and territories.

The state of New York 's Web based Electronic Birth Records (WebEBP)

New York WebEBP is a web-based system for reporting and tracking newborn hearing screening results.

Lead Follow Up System

Urbana Software is developing a system for tracking medical and environmental activities in lead poisoning cases. The web-based system implements Java Server Faces, uses Spring IOC and Hibernate O/R mapping, and can run on any relational database.

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Lycos USA
Urbana SoftwareTM and Lycos USA partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite.

Terra NetworkTMs
Urbana Software and Terra Networks partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite to spanish speakers.

The Insurance Education Association chooses Urbana SoftwareTM for it's ARM54 preparation exams.