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The Urbana SoftwareTM

PerTest® Engine

The mainstay of the Enterprise Suite that all PerTest® applications interact with. The Engine provides test/assessment generation, result collection, diagnostic analysis, event notification, and remediation along with many other services.


The PerTest® Engine is:

  • Standards compliant: AICC, SCORM, EJB 2.0, J2EE, JMS, XML, SOAP, HTTPS, JMX, Java WebStart, and DocBook
  • Scalable: PerTest® Engine components can be distributed across multiple servers
  • Fault tolerant: PerTest® Engine components can be deployed redundantly
  • Portable:
    • Supports Windows NT, 2000, XP, Linux, and all major Unix variants
    • Supports Oracle, SQLServer, and PostreSQL

Leverages four key Urbana SoftwareTM technologies:

  • Diagnostic Tree: a hierarchy of diagnoses (including content, strategy, and distractors) that allows PerTest® to diagnose an examinees strengths and weaknesses while providing implementers the ability to map assessments against standards (such as State standards). A key Diagnostic Tree feature is its ability to merge with other diagnostic trees to obtain a holistic view for various aggregates such as a classroom of students;
  • Intermediate Test Format: A data representation of a test that can be easily converted to various formats such as PerTest's own Test Definition Language (TDL) or to a standard such as IMS' QTI;
  • Test Versioning: Allows incremental changes to tests while simultaneously storing old data for change tracking and historical reporting; and
  • Test Journalaling: An XML format that tracks all of a user's actions while taking a test, allowing the PerTest® Engine to analyze behavioural patterns such as crossing out response alternatives, changing or deselecting an answer.

Includes a variety of diagnostics:

PerTest® Engine diagnostics are one of many pluggable components giving customers the ability to extend the system with new diagnostics (e.g. capturing and analyzing a users pulse in relation to subject matter).

The PerTest® Enterprise Suite includes the following diagnostics:

  • Subject Matter Analysis
  • Distractor Analysis
  • Crossout Analysis
  • Timing Analysis
  • Guessing Strategy Analysis
  • Difficulty Analysis

Lycos USA
Urbana SoftwareTM and Lycos USA partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite.

Terra NetworkTMs
Urbana Software and Terra Networks partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite to spanish speakers.

The Insurance Education Association chooses Urbana SoftwareTM for it's ARM54 preparation exams.