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Urbana SoftwareTM
470 Castro St.
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA

p: 415.934.8378
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Todd Huss

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Huss coordinates development of Urbana's PerTest Enterprise product suite, in addition to managing customer implementations and the company's technical infrastructure.

He has been with Urbana Software since its inception in August of 2000 and is a major proponent of open-source software, ensuring the Urbana PerTest suite leverages the latest in open and emerging technologies. His areas of expertise include software engineering, architecture, Java/J2EE, Linux, portable distributed systems, agile software development, and ERP.

Prior to joining Urbana, he was the chief information officer at, where he held similar duties leading product development and overseeing its technical infrastructure from 1999 to 2001. Key achievements included expanding its data center, migrating the company's databases to Oracle, creating redundant enterprise-class servers and implementing a backup and disaster recovery solution.

In addition to, Huss has worked for IBM, Price Waterhouse, and the Amber Group, where he managed enterprise systems for international clients such as Pepsi, Lucent, Siemens, and PFC. He initially gained enterprise systems expertise working at Northern Data Systems, developing software for the telecommunications, medical and oil markets. Huss earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.

Lycos USA
Urbana SoftwareTM and Lycos USA partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite.

Terra NetworkTMs
Urbana Software and Terra Networks partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite to spanish speakers.

The Insurance Education Association chooses Urbana SoftwareTM for it's ARM54 preparation exams.