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The Urbana SoftwareTM

PerTest® Tutor

The PerTest® Tutor consists of a suite of client applications (Desktop, Web, and PDA) that interact with the PerTest® Engine providing end-users with assessments, diagnostics, and personalized remedial learning paths. The PerTest® Tutor is built around Urbana Software's PerTest® Browser Library which customers can use to build the PerTest® Tutor into their own platform.

The PerTest® Tutor desktop application (shown here) can be installed on user or classroom desktops including Windows (95, 98, 2000, and XP), MacOS 9, MacOS X, Linux, and other Unix operating systems. Additionally it can be run from a web page using Java Webstart technology.

The PerTest® Tutor desktop application supports:

  • InstallAnywhere to allow installation and automatic updates of the PerTest® Tutor on all supported platforms
  • Java WebStart to allow running the PerTest® Tutor desktop application through a web page
  • Offline testing: allowing a user to download the test and take it while disconnected from the PerTest® Engine. The Test can then later be submitted for scoring, diagnostics, and remediation once the user is again connected.
  • Encryption: all network traffic uses XML/SOAP over HTTPS to ensure secure connectivity and all offline tests use the Java Encryption API to prevent users from previewing their downloaded tests

Taking the Test

Click to enlarge Using Urbana's Test Journaling technology allows the PerTest® Tutor to capture every action a user takes while taking the test. This allows not only subject matter, timing, and distractor analysis but also complex behavioural analysis to take place in the PerTest Engine.

For example if a user regularly selects the correct answer first and then upon revisiting the item changes their answer, if the Engine has the "hunch analysis" enabled, it can determine if a user is regularly undermining themselves by second guessing.

Scoring the Test

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Personalized Remediation

Click to enlarge Personalized remediation provides the study plan to help the user most effectively work on areas of subject matter, strategy, or test wiseness. Forms of remediation include:
  • Subject matter quizzes to further refine the diagnosis
  • Links to remediation content (e.g. web based remediation content)
  • Links into a Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Multimedia content (e.g. audio or video)
  • Suggested reading

Lycos USA
Urbana SoftwareTM and Lycos USA partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite.

Terra NetworkTMs
Urbana Software and Terra Networks partner to offer diagnostic and remedial SAT preparation on the PerTest® Enterprise Suite to spanish speakers.

The Insurance Education Association chooses Urbana SoftwareTM for it's ARM54 preparation exams.